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Parent afternoon / evening - Monday 27 July

Don't forget to come along to the sessions we have running today for parents:

2pm - supporting your child in a digital world (in the student common)

Did you know that the minimum age to join most social media platforms is 13? This is because research has shown that children younger than this are not mature enough to manage social media - this includes TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, snapchat etc.

Sandra Keenan will be joined by our Mana Ake team and they will share research, advice and tips - with a Q&A at the end.

6.30pm - supporting your child in a digital world (in the gym)

This will be a repeat of the 2pm session for those parents who were unable to attend.

7.30pm - catch up with the leadership team (in the gym - with drinks and nibbles)

Whilst our leadership team is not so new now, we have missed the opportunity to formally introduce Di Murphy, our Deputy Principal. We’d also like to connect with you to share the latest updates about where we are headed - and get your feedback too. Please come and join us for this informal and informative evening.

We will also answer the questions you have given us via this form. So far the questions you’d like answers to cover how the new curriculum will be different, mental health and sexuality education, how parent interviews work when a child learns with more than one teacher, our approach to bullying and how our reward system works (certificates, pat on the backs etc). You can see the questions that have been asked so far here. You can also ask questions in person on the night too.

This will be a child free evening as we will have drinks and nibbles.

Please let us know if you are coming - we will be having drinks and nibbles during the evening, and want to make sure we have enough - just reply to the Facebook post or email

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