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Logging in and what it's for

Follow the steps below to log in to Hero and see all the notices and emails that have been sent from school, reporting information and your school finance account:

  1. Download the Hero App from the App Store or Google Play OR login on a computer via this link:

  2. Select "New User"

  3. Your account will be set up by us using the email address that you provided when you enrolled your children, use this address to request a password.

  4. Add your email address - the one you put on the enrolment form

  5. Select the "Request Password Link"

  6. Check your email

  7. Hero will send you an email with a link to follow.

  8. Follow the link

  9. This will take you to a secure page to enter you chosen password.

  10. If you have problems logging in, please check with us to make sure we have the correct details for you.


If you have not logged in to Hero in the last few days, the app may log you out - so you will need to log back in to receive notifications and read emails etc. 


What is Hero for?

Hero is our student management system (SMS) and we use this system to store all of our information about every single child at our school - everything from home address and parent contact numbers to assessment data and medical information.  


It is really important that you let us know if you change address, phone or email so we can ensure we have the correct contact information for you.

Via this system you can see your school account and all the emails and notices that have been sent out to you - there will never be a lost email or notice again!


All parent emails we have are set up with Hero access - you just need to click this link and follow the instructions to access it: 


You will receive ONE form of notification when a Community Notice is published in Hero:

  • If you download the Hero mobile app you will receive an in-app notification on your phone and no emails.

  • If you log into Hero via a web browser you will receive an email notification.

  • If you log in on a phone and a tablet, you will get in-app notifications to both devices. If you log out of one device (e.g. phone) you will continue to receive in-app notifications on the other device (e.g. tablet). If you log out of both mobile devices you will receive an email notification.


If you have logged into the Hero mobile app previously but is currently logged out on all of your devices you will receive an email notification.

In all cases, the notification will direct you to log into Hero to view the full post.

Hero truncates email notifications to show the first 800 characters of the post within the body of the email notification. By logging into Hero, you can view the full message, embedded documents, media, or links to download attachments.

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