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Volunteering at our kura

We really appreciate the support of those who offer their time and talents and volunteer at our school. 


The main and most important purpose of volunteers is to provide assistance to the staff at Pegasus Bay to support learning in and out of the classroom. 

We regularly need help when we have an 'education outside the classroom' (EOTC) event.  This could include providing transport, supervision or support.  We also appreciate regular help in the learning spaces.


Before anyone can begin to volunteer, we need both our volunteer agreement to be completed, and a police vetting check carried out. 


The 'being a volunteer at Pegasus Bay' agreement sets out the minimum standards expected of those volunteering at our school.  There may be other event specific expectations that will be explained prior to an event.  Click the blue box to the right to see an example of the sorts of information included in our agreement.  

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