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School Stationery

To make life easier for you, we have teamed up with OfficeMax MySchool - an easy to use website where you can view our school stationery lists and order all of your school stationery online.​


Every dollar spent with OfficeMax MySchool will earn us School Rewards too.

If you prefer to shop in the store, you can shop at The Warehouse Stationery - just let them know you are from Pegasus Bay at the check out and you will be contributing to School Rewards for us there too!

Ordering stationery

The teachers have put together our stationery lists, based on the Active Learning Space (ALS) your child will be in and all you need to do is go online to: and follow the simple instructions on the website.  


Delivery must be to your home or place of work – not to the school.  


Please also note that the system will say it doesn't deliver to a PO Box, but if you enter your physical address in the first address line, and then your PO Box in the "suburb" line, it will go through. 

In order to receive your stationery before the start of the school year, orders must be received prior to mid-January to guarantee delivery before school starts. Alternatively, you can use the stationery list in the Resources section to purchase stationery from another supplier if you wish.   

If you choose to purchase your stationery elsewhere, it is really important that the books you choose are exactly the same size as the ones on the list.  


Some ALS' have specified that consumable items (pens, pencils etc) are for communal use and therefore no pencil cases or "special" stationery items are allowed.  This is to ensure that all children have adequate materials to work, whilst making sure that individuals "special" stationery items are not lost or borrowed.   

If you are joining us partway through the year, please bring the stationery from your old school with you, the teachers will let you know if there is anything else you need - it may be that you don't need to purchase new items!

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