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Local Clubs & Activities

We are often asked "what sports or activities can my child play?" Check out our "local sports teams" page for local sports teams to join.  

Below are the details we have been given for other local clubs and activities your child might like to have a go at. 



AimTru archers at Mandivelle sports grounds:


North Canterbury Athletics Club:


Empire Athletics - tumbling and cheerleading:


Girl Guides:

Find our local clubs here:



Kids Golf Coaching Contact: Rachel Thow by email or phone 03 359 4000 x 2



Rangiora Gymnastics Club:


Keas, Cubs & Scouts:

Find our local clubs here:


Martial Arts:

Take Control Karate - Ohoka, Sefton:

SMA karate -


This link lists all the martial arts dojo and self defence classes in Rangiora:

St John Penguins & Cadets:

Click here to find our local clubs:


Swimming lessons:

At either Dudley or Kaiapoi Aquatic Centres

Trampolining and tumble sports:

ICE Trampoline in Rangiora:

Waikuku Beach Surf lifesaving club:

If you know of any other local club that we can list here, please let Micky or Jared know.  

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