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Learning Support

What we believe at Pegasus Bay: 


  • All students are valued and belong 

  • All students are able to access learning in a range of settings

  • All students are empowered by success, whatever that looks like for them

  • It’s our job to make a difference and provide additional support

  • All students will be supported to succeed


How we are going to do this:


  • Teachers talking with and listening to children

  • Knowing the children and how they learn

  • Showing interest

  • Professional conversations

  • Being informed/educated

  • Involving families

  • Clear identification processes

  • Early intervention

  • Assessment that is relevant

  • Accountability

  • Collaborative Action  Plans (CAP’s)

  • Create/modify programmes to suit student’s needs

  • Clearly define next steps 

  • Use appropriate resources

  • Celebrate progress

  • Make Referrals when we need  additional support and advice

  • Involve outside agencies as soon as we recognise the need to do so


How it works at our school:

The LSC (Learning Support Coordinator, Nic Mathwin) works alongside the  Deputy Principal (Di Murphy) and the teachers to identify needs and develop strategies and plans to support and encourage the progression of learning and wellbeing of all children within our school.

Parents are given the choice as to whether their child participates in adapted learning, they are given a clear understanding of the needs and expected outcomes from Collaborative Action Plans. Parents and children are included in the learning journey and are invited to take part in all the decisions made around the required support. All staff work cooperatively in order to ensure the success of our learning journey here at Pegasus Bay. 
The Board of Trustees provides additional teacher aide resourcing to support children with their learning. Check our staff page for a list of Teacher Aides currently supporting learning at our school.
Communication between Teacher Aides and teaching staff is ongoing and reflective. Like all staff at Pegasus Bay, Teacher Aides are involved in ongoing regular professional development and are appraised every year.

The LSC role will focus on five areas associated with learning support needs by: 

  1. supporting students in schools and kura 

  2. working with teachers and kaiako in schools and kura 

  3. leading school-wide and kura-wide engagement and communication with parents and whānau, and ensuring the voice of parents, whānau, and children and young people is understood when the school or kura is making decisions about learning support 

  4. working with other LSCs across the cluster or Kāhui Ako and connecting with the Learning Support Facilitator and a range of supports through the Learning Support Delivery Model 

  5. working with the school or kura leadership team to ensure all students, including gifted students, receive the appropriate support to enhance their learning and progress.


Our Links to  Agencies:


North Canterbury RTLB Information Page:


Our school works closely with the Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) Service from Cluster 33 administered from Kaiapoi North School. This group of specialist teachers accepts students on to their roll, when they have been referred from our school to the service for extra support. Students or groups of students can be referred for either learning or behaviour needs or both. The RTLB Service comes into classrooms to support the teacher by making observations of the child in the room, taking specialist assessments, talking with the child’s parent(s) and teacher, and making recommendations for the classroom teaching and learning programme and suggestions for additional support at home. The RTLB Service is part of a vital support network for the school as we look beyond our regular resources to support students who present with more challenging needs.



New Zealand Resource Teachers Literary Association:

Our Resource Teacher of Literacy (RTLit) Marina Mounsey  is based at  Kaiapoi North School. She is a specialist teacher in reading and writing. Students are referred to the RTLit throughout the year as concerns in literacy are identified. The RTLit carries out in-depth assessments and then identifies programmes/strategies to support students with teachers or teacher aides. The RTLit also provides professional development for staff and will sometimes work 1 on 1 with students.  

Mana Ake


Mana Ake – Stronger for Tomorrow provides mental health and wellbeing support for children in primary school years 1-8 across  the whole of Canterbury.


Mana Ake kaimahi (workers) support schools, families and whānau when children are experiencing issues that impact their wellbeing such as managing emotions, friendships and bullying, parental separation and grief and loss.


Kaimahi have a diverse range of skills and include psychologists, social workers, counsellors, teachers and youth workers. Mana Ake provide a drop in session every other week at Pegasus Bay, to request support here at Pegasus Bay either talk to your home room teacher or contact the LSC.

Ministry of Education (MoE)


Ministry of Education:


We seek professional support through our Ministry Service Manager when we have support queries, such as support for:

  • Hearing 

  • Speech Language 

  • speech-language therapists

  • kaitakawaenga

  • psychologists

  • special education advisors

  • occupational therapists

  • physiotherapists

  • early intervention teachers

  • assistive technology coordinators

  • Diverse learners (Dyslexia




If I have concerns about my child who do I speak to?

Your first approach is always to your child’s homeroom teacher who will liaise with the LSC to identify initial interventions . It is often easier to book a time to see the teacher so you have the teacher’s undivided attention. You can call the school on 9207000 to do this or email them directly - click here for our staff email addresses.  If you still have concerns after this you can speak to the SENCO, DP or Principal.   

Will there be a cost to me?

No any school-based support is free to the family. All costs involved are cover either by our Board of Trustees or are funded through external agencies.

Will my child be singled out or made to feel uncomfortable?

Any intervention is aimed to support your child and be as inclusive as possible. Our aim to ensure children remain in their learning space and work as part of groups. Supporting each other is part of our core values and beliefs at Pegasus Bay.

What kind of support is there for my child when they start high school?

Children who are identified as requiring support are referred to the RTLB service and a transition plan is put in place to support them moving to high school. When there is support already in place, through an outside agency, this support will usually follow them through to high school.

How does my child become eligible for individual support i.e a teacher aide?

Individual support with a teacher aide is usually funded through an outside agency e.g RTLB, MoE, after a student has been referred and individual needs identified. 

At Pegasus bay we make every effort to ensure that individual needs are met as part of their learning journey. Teachers carefully plan to meet the needs of every child that is part of their learning community. Teachers ensure that they talk to the LSC when they wish to seek more support and guidance.

Learning Suppot Staff
Our Link Agencies
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