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Things to do at the weekend

We live in such an awesome place, and there are lots of different things to do. Sometimes though, when you get that "what can we do" question from your children, it's hard to think of something.  So we thought we'd use this page to keep a list of all the things you can do with your family.


The list is made up of activities our families have done, and would recommend to others. So If you discover something that's not on the list - please let Jared or Micky know, and they'll add it to the list.  

  1. Take your bikes and go to the 10km bike loop at McLeans Island. The entrance is opposite Orana Park. View info on the track.

  2. Take a walk around Waikuku Estuary and see if you can spot some Spoonbills, Kingfishers, Godwits (before they fly back to Russia).

  3. See the seal pups at Ohau Point. A big drive but worth it.  View Seal Pup info and map.

  4. Spencer Park. It has a fantastic playground and Sandpit play area - yep its worth the trip  for the playground. 

  5. Orana Park is a family 'must do', even just once.  Look out for school holiday offers. View OP website.

  6. Take the kids bikes up to the Rangiora BMX track - there is often no one there, and unless theres a club day or racing on it's free to use and great fun.

  7. Fancy a walk?  Click here for details on the Tuhaitara Coastal Walk between Woodend Beach and Waikuku Beach (it includes many natural features of the area including Tutaepatu Lagoon, Taranaki Stream and Saltwater Creek) or for something shorter, try the Pegasus Lake walk. 

  8. Kayak from Waikuku over the estuary to the Salt Water Creek side - great driftwood over there to try and bring home!! 

  9. Visit the park at Waikuku - it has a great playground and a flying fox!  In the summer months the 'whale pool' is also open - it has a splash pad and is only 30 cms deep at the deep end - so it's great for everyone to cool off in.  There is also a BBQ in the park that is free to use.  

  10. Head to the beach and look for treasure - unusual shells, driftwood... the possibilities are endless!  There is usually lots of driftwood on the beach - great for building huts!  

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