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Our vision for our senior students

We are preparing our senior students for jobs that don't exist yet. We are allowing them to be problem solvers and to act on and with the world around them.
Creativity is at the centre of all we do with iPad in the Senior School. Our children are creators, thinkers, movie makers, photographers, designers, musicians and coders.
The world of digital technology is endless. 

Designing & developing digital outcomes

Creating an AR work in Reality Composer

Impression videos created in Keynote.

We used line draw animation and then recorded ourselves speaking. 

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 1.03.11 PM.png

Reflection animations using Keynote

Merging apps to create!

The senior students enjoy app smashing. Drawing and creating with Keynote and Garageband. The children recreated a Matariki story. They drew the pictures, added animation and finally added a soundtrack. 


Using Seesaw

Watch how our Year 8s record their weekly reflections of their learning on Seesaw!

Making podcasts

Our Year 8 students have challenged themselves with movie making and podcasts. They have used Keynote animation and Garageband for sound recording.

Drawing with the Apple Pencil 

We have a full set of Apple Pencils available for the children to use. This has allowed the students to completed detailed artwork and animations. 


Computational thinking - fun with code

The Senior School use sphero and block coding programmes. Here the children are experimenting with estimation, shape, and speed in mathematics and problem solving tasks. 

The children had to code a car around a road for a technology challenge. They had to debug their code if it didn't work! They used the cars to draw patterns. 



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