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Principals's Welcome

Jared 2020.jpg

We are very lucky to have such a talented and professional staff at our school.  Everyone - from teachers and teacher aides to our admin staff, caretaker and leadership team - are all focussed on ensuring that all of our tamariki receive the very best teaching and learning possible.  

I'm proud of our team, and proud to be part of our team.

Jared Kelly, Principal

Sally 2020.jpg

Sally Patterson

Miss P

Pekapeka Team Leader &

SDG Pou Leader

Yr 45 - Ella_edited.jpg

Ella Latham

Miss Latham

Pekapeka teacher

Emily 2.jpg

Emily Matthews

Miss Matthews

Pekapeka teacher &

COL Within School Leader

Pekapeka Active Learning Space - new Entrant & Year 1

Junior Active Learning Space - Year 1, 2 & 3

Yr 23 - Roisin_edited.jpg

Róisín  Anglesey

Mrs A

Rakahuri teacher &

Junior Team Leader

Picture 1.jpg

Emily Porritt

Miss Porritt

Waikuku teacher

Heather Wynyard_edited.jpg

Heather Wynyard

Mrs Wynyard

Junior ALS Release Teacher

Penny G_edited.jpg

Penny Galway

Mrs Galway

Rakahuri teacher 


Yr 23 - Juanita_edited.jpg

Juanita Kneale

Mrs Kneale

Waikuku teacher

Kate Ross.png

Kate Ross

Mrs Ross

Rakahuri teacher 


Shelagh 2021.png

Shelagh Taylor

Miss Taylor

Waikuku teacher

Middle Active Learning Space - Year 4 & 5

Simon smile_edited_edited.jpg

Simon Crawford


Taerutu teacher &

Middle Team Leader

Yr 1 - Amanda_edited.jpg

Amanda Dunn

Whaea Amanda

Ngā Tai o Mahaanui teacher & 

COL Within School Leader

Leanne Young_edited.jpg

Leanne Young

Mrs Young

Taerutu teacher


Jenni Loffhagen

Mrs L

Ngā Tai o Mahaanui teacher


Senior Active Learning Space - Year 6 & 7

Rachel K_edited.jpg

RAchel Kelly

Mrs Kelly

Manga Kawari teacher, Senior Team Leader & Digital Pou Leader


Todd Henderson

Mr Henderson

Maungatere - teacher &

Sports Leader

Yr 1 - Dan_edited.jpg

Dan Perriam

Mr P

Manga Kawari teacher


Sophia Paterson_edited.jpg

Sophia Good

Mrs Good

Maungatere teacher


Te Kōhaka Active Learning Space - Year 8


Ali Hornblow

Mrs Hornblow

Te Kōhaka Team Leader

Yr 8 - Anna_edited.jpg

Anna Sage

Mrs Sage

Te Kōhaka teacher

Release Teachers

BOT Sonya_edited.jpg

Sonya Faisst

Whaea Sonya

Release teacher, Kura Reo & Kapa Haka teacher &

COL Across School Leader

Mark Nelson.jpg

Mark Nelson

Mr Nelson

Release teacher

Teacher Aides

Alice Bradcock.JPG

Alice Bradcock

Alice B

Gaynor Murray_edited.jpg

Gaynor Murray


Lynda McLaughlan.png

Lynda McLaughlan


Sarah Hobson.JPG

Sarah Hobson


Alice Kim.png

Alice Kim

Alice K

Screen Shot 2023-11-02 at 3.35.47 PM.png

Ida Starkey

Mrs Starkey


Rosalie Proud

Mrs Proud

TA - Triana_edited.jpg

Triana Gardiner


TA - Alison_edited.jpg

Alison Scarlett


TA - Liz_edited.jpg

Liz Bowen


Ruth Simpson.png

Ruth Simpson


Leadership & admin team

Jared 2020.jpg

Jared Kelly

Mr Kelly


Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 7.34.17 PM.png

Anna Bisgrove

Miss B

Learning Support Coordinator

Staff - Dedrie_edited.jpg

Dedrie Trnjanin


Sports Administrator

PDP - Di_edited.jpg

Di Murphy

Whaea Di

Deputy Principal

Micky 2.jpg

Micky Brosnan


Principals PA &

School Business Manager

Staff - Paula_edited.jpg

Paula Van Meer


Part-time Librarian

Yr 45 - Rachel_edited.jpg

Rachel Robinson

Mrs Robinson

Deputy Principal

Corinda 1.jpg

Corinda Thompson

Mrs T

School Secretary &

Finance Manager

Staff - Tony.jpg

Tony Mathie




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