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What you need to know for prize-giving

We would really like to see EVERYONE at prize giving so we can all celebrate together.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Our Annual Prize giving is on Tuesday 18 December.

  • Children are to wear school uniform and sit in front of the stage in Learning Community groups.

  • Please arrive on time – it can be disruptive if you arrive once proceedings are underway.

  • Preschool children are welcome at prize giving, and they need to be sitting on their parent’s lap (as seating numbers may be tight).

  • As the prize giving is a more formal event, we ask that pre-schoolers remain with their parents for the evening rather than moving around the gym and other areas.

  • If your Senior child plans to play outside while the Junior prize giving is on – or vice versa – please be aware that their supervision is your responsibility. Please ensure they are not noisy or disruptive, and only come in (or leave) the gym in an emergency.

  • Timing:

  • 5:45pm the gym opens, and Juniors and parents enter and are seated.

  • 6pm - Junior prize giving starts (NE to Y4).

  • 7pm - everyone leaves the gym and it’s locked while we prepare for the Senior prize giving.

  • 7:20pm - the gym is re-opened, and Seniors and parents enter the gym and are seated (Y5 to 8).

  • 7:30pm - Senior prize giving starts.

  • 8:30 - All done!

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