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School at Alert Level 1

Kia ora whānau What wonderful news it is to be shifting to Alert Level 1 as of midnight tonight! It is amazing that this collective effort has meant we are Covid free (hopefully).

This does mean we are going to be able to start making some more decisions around events and people at school. We really value the connection we have with our community and it is vitally important that we continue to foster this positive relationship.

Something we have noticed with our tamariki is how settled they are in the morning and their growing independence with getting ready for the day. Especially our little people, they are doing an amazing job of saying their goodbyes at the gate and then getting themselves unpacked and ready to go. We would love to see this independence continue, so please take the opportunity to let your children to head to class on their own. If you do need to come in, as always you will be warmly welcomed.

From tomorrow you will notice QR codes around the school. If you enter the site for any reason you will need to scan this and check in and out. Once you've done this once, it will remember your details and the scan will be swift the next time you come into and exit school. You must do this every time you enter and exit the school grounds. As always you will be required to come to the office if you are collecting your child. You will follow the same procedure as normal for this.

All entrances into the school will remain locked during the school say. So if you do come to school, you will need to enter through the main entrance please.

For the parent/teacher night please make sure you do use the code - and enter through the main entrance. Regards

Jared Kelly


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