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Mufti-day on 6 March!

Don't forget our mufti day! For just a minimum gold coin donation you child can come to school on on Friday 6 March in their favourite non-uniform clothing to raise money for Camp Quality.

Camp Quality is an amazing organisation that brings fun, hope and happiness to children living with cancer and their families by providing them week long summer camps and year-long support! Each child is matched with their own volunteer companion, an adult who looks after them and helps them to get involved with a week of fun at camp.

Our very own Emily Matthews has had the privilege of being part of 5 Camp Quality camps now and being a companion to 4 amazing children. She has signed up to do a skydive to help fundraise for the 2021 camp! Being terrified of heights, this is going to be a huge challenge for her, but this is nothing compared to what the campers and their families have been through! Being able to raise money through this opportunity will help to continue to provide these amazing opportunities for these kids and help to create special memories with their fellow campers and their companion!

And here's the give-a-little link

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