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Prize-giving tonight

We are all really looking forward to seeing everyone at the prize giving celebrations this evening!

Here's a reminder of what you need to know:

  • 3.00 - MASH is open in the Student Common for those who have bookings.

  • 3.10 - the bus leaves with all children onboard - there is no second bus today.

  • 3.15 – the office and LCs are closed so staff can prepare for prize-giving.

  • 3.30 - Junior prize giving starts in the gym

  • 4.30 - Junior prize giving ends

  • 5.30 - Senior prize giving in the gyms

  • 7.00 - Senior prize giving ends

Children are to wear school uniform and sit in front of the stage in Learning Community groups.

Please arrive on time – it is disruptive if you arrive once proceedings are underway.

Preschool children are welcome at prize giving, and they need to be sitting on their parent’s lap. As the prize giving is a more formal event, we ask that pre-schoolers remain with their parents for the evening rather than moving around the gym and other areas.

If your Senior child plans to play outside while the Junior prize giving is on – or vice versa – please be aware that their supervision is your responsibility. Please ensure they are not noisy or disruptive, and only come in (or leave) the gym in an emergency.

As we have in previous years, we will publish all the results from prize giving here tomorrow.

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