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Year 3 to 8 parent and teacher interviews

Parent teacher interview invitations for Year 3 - 8 are available to read and print in Linc-Ed now. These are our version of end of year reports and they include observations about your child in the core curriculum areas as well as strengths and areas to look at moving forward.

New Entrant to Year 2 children receive their progress reports on the 20 week anniversary of the date they started school - and anniversaries are offered at that time too.

If you need help accessing your Linc-Ed account, click this link: …there are also instructions there to show you how to download Linc-Ed as an app to your phone.

Booking a time for your parent / teacher interview – Year 3 to 8 only: The website link and code are below. It is really important that you do make a time to come and talk so that you have a full understanding of where your child is, as the snapshot is just that - it is not the whole picture. Code: 9ut2a

What can you expect from the interview?

  • Teachers will be discussing your child’s current assessment data.

  • They will discuss and show evidence of their progress this year.

  • They will discuss future learning needs and address any questions you have.

  • Your interview will be 15 minutes long. If you feel you need more time, please arrange to meet with teachers at another time.

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