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Using our facilities

We are pleased to be able to offer our facilities for hire when they are not needed for School.

Please note that first and foremost, our facilities are for the teaching and learning of our students and there will be times when we may need to cancel a hire to accommodate a school event (e.g. PTA meetings, school disco, parent meetings, school sports events etc), and as such we cannot aguarantee use of the facilities for regular bookings.


Our Application & Terms form (which includes our terms and conditions)  and the Hire Charges form are in the resources section to the right.  

All you need to do is complete the Application for Hire Form and return it to us during school hours - giving a minimum of 7 days notice.  We will then contact you back via email to advise availability, bond and hire charges - payment is in advance.  

In addition to ad hoc events, our facilities are not available until after 6pm on week nights during term time nor between 7am and 6pm on week days during school holidays as our before and after school programme (Kelly Club) have exclusive use of the space.  We have a regular booking every Sunday which means our facilities are unavailable then also. 

Our outdoor spaces, playgrounds, soccer field and courts:

We do not give permission for organised sports groups to use our playing field at any time. 

We are happy for local children to use our outdoor areas out of school hours with appropriate adult supervision.   


All of our hire spaces and our outdoor areas are protected by CCTV cameras.


Application & Terms

Hire Charges

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