Reporting progress of learning at Pegasus Bay

Effectively reporting student progress to whānau is an integral aspect of our partnership. We recognise the importance in having a variety of ways to share your child’s academic, social and emotional progress. We aim to achieve this in a way that is meaningful for both the student and you as the parent. 

Below we have outlined the 3 avenues in which we share progress and learning with you. Each has a specific purpose and connects the various aspects of your child’s progress together. As always we embrace conversations, so if you have anything that is of concern please connect with your child’s homeroom teacher. 

Check the Hero and Seesaw boxes  to the right for more information on what you can expect to be shared through these tools.


Hero - Our student management system (SMS)

This is the platform that allows you to have an up to date picture of where your child is at in their learning. At this point the goals are only for maths and writing but the site is being developed to include reading and our school values.

Each area will show a dial which indicates how far through a curriculum level your child has progressed based on the goals they have consolidated. The dials show different colours (White - Emerging, Beige - Consolidated, Green - Connected) and the dial with dots around it will show the curriculum level we would expect your child to be working within.


Each level covers two years at school as in the New Zealand Curriculum. If you click on the level below the dial it will show you all of the goals within the level. You can also see the goals your child is working on and recently achieved as connected.
The green box on the right will give you more information on how to navigate within HERO.

Click here for more information about accessing and using Hero. 

For a broad guide on where your child should be, and what you can do to support their learning at home, refer to the guides to the right of this page.

Seesaw for sharing learning

Use of Seesaw at Pegasus Bay School allows our tamariki to independently capture learning within the Seesaw Learning Journal to share with you using multimodal tools.  

Your child’s homeclass kaiako will arrange for you to have access to Seesaw.


If you have problems connecting or questions about Seesaw please contact Róisín Anglesey. (

Meeting with you

We hold 2 face-to-face meetings between parents and teachers each year. During this meeting the homeroom teacher will talk through your child’s progress across the curriculum and how this sits within their working curriculum level.


This is also a time where the homeroom teacher will discuss the social, emotional and attitudinal aspects of your child’s learning. It is important for you to get a measure of this and discuss what support can be given to encourage positive progress in all areas of your child’s education.


Before starting school

After 1 year at school

After 2 years at school

After 3 years at school

After 4 years at school

After 5 years at school

After 6 years at school

After 7 years at school

After 8 years at school