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Our Learning Environment

Modern learning environments (MLE), Innovative learning environments (ILE) Flexible learning enviroments (FLE) are all the same terms for learning spaces that are are digitally connected, flexible spaces that allow teachers to tailor learning for small or large groups.

The design meets special standards for acoustics, lighting, ventilation and heating. 

Our ALSs include large open areas for collaborative learning, and quiet spaces for independent learning, as well as technology / media, arts, resource and reading spaces.  

Flexibility is a key point, with the furniture able to be changed around depending on the type of learning that’s going on. We aim for one teacher per 25 students in general.  It’s a genuinely collaborative environment that makes the best use of the different teachers’ skills and passions.

Research supports the theory that the design of modern learning environments creates a secure and stimulating learning environment and supports innovative and imaginative teaching practices.  The end result is a boost in student engagement levels, which can lead to improved academic achievement.  Click the links to the right to find out more.


Parallel teaching 

All of our teachers in each Active Learning Space (ALS) operate as a team.  Each ALS is usually made up of two year groups of children. Children are organised into “home groups”, and each home group has a teacher allocated to them – this person is your first point of contact for any questions or concerns about your child.  A home group will be a mix of children from the ALS – this means there may be a range of ages in that home group.   

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