Waiswim Swimming Lessons:


We're learning to swim for fun and to stay safe! 

In 2021 we have received funding to provide swimming lessons for our New Entrant to Year 6 students at a local pool.  Lessons are held in two week blocks, with tamariki attending a lesson every day for the two weeks.  This is a compulsory activity - just like maths and reading - and we're sure you agree that learning to swim is necessary given our proximity to the lake, sea and rivers. 


Swimming sports:

Every year we hold our school swimming sports in Term 1.  The timing of this event is so we can select children aged 9 and above, who meet the criteria, to then go on and compete in the Pegasus Zone swimming sports, and hopefully then on to the Canterbury Zones! 

Having said that, we feel it is important that all children have the chance to compete and test themselves in a competitive event.  With this in mind, our swimming sports also include shorter races for those who may not be able to swim the 50m required to qualify for zones.    


Winter Sports

Touch Rugby


Twilight Soccer





Cross Country