Parent & Teachers Association (PTA)


How do I contact the PTA?  
Come to a meeting!  Meetings are held in the Student Common, and they start at 7:30pm - we try to keep the meetings to 1½ hours.  Keep an eye out in the newsletter, term planner, website, phone app and PTA Facebook page for confirmation of dates, and PTA news.

Email us:


Who is on the PTA?  

You are!  Every parent with children at our school, and every teacher at our school is considered to be a member of the PTA.  It's just up to you how involved you want to be. 


What do we do?
Have fun, network and become involved in the growing of our fantastic school including:

  • Raising funds to provide improved facilities and opportunities for members of the School community.

  • Organising social activities for the School community.

  • Enlisting the help and support of parents with the aim of greater family involvement in the school.

  • Carrying out other activities consistent with the charitable objectives of the School.


Our main goal is to be part of the growth of the school and to work closely with the teachers and Board of Trustees. We all bring different elements into the group and many different cultures also.


In this ever evolving and changing environment we want to nurture change but not forget our roots and where we came from.


Coming along to PTA meetings is a good way to become knowledgeable about what is going on within our school and to become involved with a great group of people. The PTA has a strong foundation but like anything is only as strong as its members.


You don't have to come to every meeting, help out at every event - or even come to every event.  But if you can, from time to time, help out with any of the objectives above, including coming along to any social or informative activities, please do! 


You can find out more information regarding all planned events  in the school newsletter or the PTA Facebook page (Pegasus Bay PTA).


As with any organisation, there are some "official PTA roles" and these are elected at the AGM held at the start of each year. 

Current PTA elected members:

Bronwyn Hunter, Chair

Kylie Tolman, Treasurer

Charlotte Ohms, Secretary

PTA Constitution

PTA Constitution

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