Science Academy

A biota node is a place where flora and fauna of the geographical area meet at an
intersection or in this case pond, (Man-made or natural). Our biota node is in its infancy
with limited planting surrounding the node. Endangered mud fish have been introduced to the node and have been cared for and checked at regular intervals.

Part of the Science Academy is to continue to develop our biota node and learn about the flora and fauna of our area. We do have opportunities to do scientific tests i.e. water clarity, saline content, etc. We check out traps that are aimed to catch pests in the most humane way possible. We may meet with vets, water experts, rangers, and a whole lot of other experts.

Golfing Academy

Our Golf Academy is held at Pegasus Golf Club and the aim is to provide children with the opportunity to try golf if they are a beginner, and to improve their skills if they already play.

The Academy is run over 5 weeks during the summers terms, though there may be some postponement days if the weather is bad.

The cost is $25 for 5 weeks (just $5 per week) and this will be added to your school account.

Travel to and from the golf course is on foot (no scooters, skateboards or bikes), for some of our golf groups we take our lunch and have a picnic at the Bunker, we will provide more details around which groups will be having their lunch on the course, you are very welcome to join us!

There will be a call for registrations at the beginning of Term 1 and 4 - keep an eye on the newsletter.

Should you have any questions or queries, please contact Di -