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Christchurch School Rock, Dance, Skate & Surf

Do you have a budding rock star or aspiring dancer in your family?  Maybe your child would like to learn to skate or surf - or improve the skills they already have?


We are lucky enough to have the awesome Nolan Hungerford and his team of tutors come to our school every week to teach music, dance, skating and surfing to those students who enrol for lessons.  


You can choose a group or an individual lesson (music only).  Lessons are booked term by term, and if you would like to enrol complete the Google form below - easy!


The lessons are all during school hours - surfing may be from 7am, depending on the surf conditions on the day and will require parents to transport to and from the beach.

You'll receive an invoice from Christchurch School of Rock at the start of each term for the forthcoming lessons.

If you have any questions about lessons, invoices or the programme - please contact Noal direct via email

Music Lessons:

How does it work? - One day a week there will be group, individual and or band music lessons available at the school within school time. In the lessons the students will learn the fundamental techniques associated with their instrument and a "song". The "song" could be anything from new school to old school, classical to rock. 
Music Google Enrolment Form:

Dance Lessons:

Group and individual lessons are available within school time on Wednesdays between 9am – 12pm.

Each week dancers will be working on skills and movements required for their choreographed dance piece for the term.  A small video will be made at the end of each lesson outlining what was taught and the expected practice for the week. The lesson video will be shared with the students and parents using Google Drive.

Dance Google Form

Skate Lessons:

Available  in school time in a small group environment.   Focusing on the needs of the young, modern student, to achieve awesome wellbeing outcomes through the freedom of skating. Students have the opportunity to try various skate genres , surf skate, longboard, midis and street skateboards. Weekly Skate lessons over the term to build skate skills.  $13. 4 - 8  people per session

Sessions length 30min - 45min

Surfing Academy:

This is for those who are wanting to improve their skills in the water. 

There are two aspects to this academy - the land based surf-skating and the water based surfing.  Children can do either one or both!  To enrol, please complete this form:

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