Cyber Safety

We recognise the role that electronic devices play in education and we are excited about the learning opportunities they provide.

We believe that keeping your child safe while using the internet is a partnership between parents and school.  With this in mind, there are two things we need you and your child to complete before they will be allowed to use a device at school.

Our ICT and Cyber Safety User Agreement will be in your enrolment pack (if you have just enrolled with us) or you can download a copy from the 'resources' section at the bottom of this page.  Please read it with your child - it will give you both a clear understanding of your obligations regarding cyber safety and the use of school ICT.  The last page of the agreement needs to be signed and returned to school.


There is also an online lesson that provides information and discussion points for you and your child. This lesson is a prerequisite to signing the User Agreement. It is expected that all Year 5 to 8 students watch and complete the online lessons with their parents. For Year 0 to 4 students it is advised the parents watch lessons first and decide which content to watch with their children.

Once the online course has been completed, and the agreement signed and returned, your child will be allowed to use our IT devices.  

You should receive an email during your child's first week at school with a to the online course.  The email will have a blue button with "accept invitation" on it - click that and you will be taken to a page where you can set up a user name and password - this ensures we are notified when the course has been completed.  Once you have gone through all 5 modules, click the "tasks" button at the top of the page and choose the "ICT & Cyber Safety Quiz". 

Cyber Safety Agreement

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